Meet the Foo Sisters!

“Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the work!”

Sharon Foo

Hello Everyone! 

Being the youngest amongst the Foo Sisters, everyone calls me Xiao Mei. Since young, my passion has always been teaching & imparting knowledge to others. That is why I started giving tuition as early as 17 years old to primary school kids. Throughout the years of teaching, I have interacted with a countless number of parents who seem to be always troubled by financial issues such as saving up for University fees for their kids.
As soon as I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I have started working in one of the most reputable Life Insurance company in Singapore, AIA Singapore.  Since then, I have helped many of my clients through claims & proper planning, gaining many treasured friends & experiences along the way. Over time, my competence level expanded to include assisting business owners & HNW individuals to preserve their legacy – allowing their assets to “过三代“. 

Summer Foo

Hello everybody,

My name is Summer aka Er jie of the foo sisters. With over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I had witnessed many patients of mine suffering from the stress of being financially burdened while going through treatment-mostly due to inadequate insurance coverage /planning. With a dedicated passion, I aimed to reach out to more people outside of my previous industry so that I can bring quality consultation from a perspective never before and prescribe you a holistic solution.

Both my sister & I have our respective expertise to value-add to our clients in different ways, therefore, setting up this website will allow us to reach out to more people & vice versa. 

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Meet Our Happy Clients

Jenny Toh

Creative Marketing Director

I would like to thank my financial planner, Summer Foo, for taking the first step to review my policies & allowing me to understand where the shortfalls for my insurance & financial planning are. Summer is very meticulous & assertive which allows me to comfortably share my opinions & uncertainties about insurance & financial planning. 

Summer understands & attends to my needs & concerns in terms of financially, my risk profile, & personal coverage without being forceful for her own personal interest. She explained to me what the importance of personal coverage is, & planned within my budget, allowing me to have the highest coverage possible. 

“Do not put all your eggs in a basket”, besides investments, this works similarly for personal coverge too! Summer planned my insurance from life to critical illnesses to health to personal accidents, all within my given budget. Certainly, there is arise more to it, therefore it is Summer’s profession to plan according to my needs at different stages of my life. 

I admire her determination & perseverance she has for her career & appreciate the effort she dedicates to me. I will surely continue to further my financial planning with you, Summer Foo.

Thank You!

Our Profession Scope

  • Singles
  • Married Couples
  • Children's Education
  • Savings/Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Legacy Planning

With our passion, we love to work closely with you to get behind your financial decisions & commitments. We will be able to review your credit & debt report, risk tolerances, preferred financial vehicles and existing portfolio to achieve your financial goals in the shortest time possible. 

We know how important it is to keep our loved ones safe, as much as the stress of making sure everything is flawless. Be it to help your child attain their dreams, repaying gratitude to your parents, providing a sense of security for your spouse, we are here to help you accomplish it all. 

Hoping to help more people, we will tap onto our extensive medical experience to help guide you through step by step claim processes so that you can have a peace of mind & only focus on recovering for yourself or your loved ones. We also provide advisory services to clients in the unfortunate event of requiring to be hospitalized for minor & major ops. 

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